Get out of the Office!

So over the past couple of weeks I've been on holiday. Holidays are great when I need to relax and get away from work, however when I'm on holiday I like to design websites and other stuff anyway. I also love to learn new stuff and get on with whatever I was doing before I came on holiday. Where I live it snowed solid for a few days and I had no need to go out. I was indoors for about 3 days, and towards the end of those days I found myself lacking inspiration and creativity, not even Abduzeedo's daily inspiration could pick me up. Shortly after I ventured outside the confines of my office an breathed fresh air. When I returned to my desk I was rearing to go, and I suddenly had loads of ideas. So my message to you is this - if you work all day in front of the same desk you're inspiration is going to dry up fast. It is when I am away from my desk when I am most creative (that's why I always carry a notepad!) and I believe the same is true of other designers. I find it is only when I stop thinking in terms of web design that I come up with great ideas.

So if you are sat in front of you computer screen, and you have been doing so for over 2 hours now -maybe it's time for a break! Get outside and Fuel your Creativity!

Twas a good year for Apple

We all know that Apple is a massive company, but at the begininning of the year many analysts were sceptical that Apple would be able to grow. However the ever defiant company has proved them all wrong and is finishing the year with an incredible market cap of $188,330,000,000! Second only to Google and Microsoft. And that is amazing. Apple has beaten all the odds - the economy was in tatters and yet they pulled through! It just goes to show people are after quality products, and their dominance in the personal media sector as well as smart phone industry has allowed them to dominate the global markets for another year.

So will Apple succeed next year? Well we'll just have to wait and see!

Disclaimer: Yes this article is short, but it's here to make a point about how amazing it is that Apple has been able to pull through in this way...