What’s that, another theme?!

Please note: This post was written 8 years ago, which is an age in programming terms, so please don't treat this as gospel! I'll be updating all posts soon enough, but if you'd especially like this one to be updated let me know.


Ah yes, it is true, I have changed the theme on the site yet again! Why? Well because I quickly concluded that the previous theme, named "Elegancia" was rather sub-standard, and so I set about creating a more robust theme for the site. While working on this theme I've come up with plenty of idea for tutorials, that is, I encountered a multitude of problems and have overcome them. So you can soon look forward to even more WordPress-related bits and bobs, but don't worry I add a bit of something else in along the way!

It's name you ask? Well I call this one... SimpleAs.


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