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Please note: This post was written 8 years ago, which is an age in programming terms, so please don't treat this as gospel! I'll be updating all posts soon enough, but if you'd especially like this one to be updated let me know.


So I woke up this morning and felt like sharing the love! And so today I've got a free WordPress theme for you that I finished up only yesterday! Here is the link to download. This is a really simple theme that works in FF2/FF3/IE7/IE8/Chrome/Safari/Opera so you're pretty much covered in terms of compatibility. The sidebar is widget ready, and the options available stretch as far as entering things like your Twitter user name, Facebook profile ID, email address, and RSS freed address, for the social widget in the sidebar.

I designed the theme with those who travel in mind, so if you are taking a gap year to go traveling and you want to share the experience with all of your friends it is ideal. On the other hand you could use it for whatever, I like the light colour scheme and typography of the site, because it's really simple.

Any who I hope you enjoy it!


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  1. Maxi

    Looks great. simple, clean perfect


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