CSS From Scratch

Continuing the series of learning web development from scratch is my introduction to CSS. In the video I go over how to add style to the killer robots site and introduce simple CSS to enable you to make your sites look awesome!

As always leave a comment below if you need anything clarifying, and you can download the source code or view the demo using the links below.

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HTML From Scratch

I am often asked where to find quality tutorials on beginning learning HTML and all that jazz, so I thought I'd make a video! This is the first in a series I call "From Scratch" that aims to teach total newbies how to make web-pages, I hope the video explains it all well enough and you get something from it. As always comment below if you need any help.

You can view the demo of what we create, and also download the finished product below.

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Screencast #4 – Creating a WordPress Theme – Part 2

In part two of this tutorial I show you how to finish off creating a basic WordPress theme, demonstrating the creation of a single post page as well as looking at how the commenting system works. Also in the video is how to create custom page templates and then apply them to different pages, as well as using theme options to enhance the user experience; and of course "widgetizing" the sidebar.

Here is the link to the Nettuts article.

Download the code
View the demo

Screencast #3 – Creating a WordPress Theme – Part 1

In part one of this tutorial I show you how to get started creating a WordPress theme, explaining all about the core files and how WordPress works. I'll show you how to install WordPress and how to convert existing markup into a theme. In the tutorial I develop a theme named "Curiosity" - the markup for which can be found below the video. Part 2 is coming soon so stay tuned!

Download the code
View the demo