Screencast #1 – Creating perspective

Please note: This post was written 8 years ago, which is an age in programming terms, so please don't treat this as gospel! I'll be updating all posts soon enough, but if you'd especially like this one to be updated let me know.


In this first ever screencast I will show you how to add perspective to your websites by using a really simple trick which comes into play when users re-size their windows. In the screencast I focus on creating a fancy city-scape for a footer with three basic levels of perspective. The final effect is viewable here - re-size your browser window to see it in action. Hope you like it, (holds glass up) and here's to the first of many! (N.B. The video might take a moment or two to load)


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  1. mounir

    thank you for this amazing web site. i liked the effects, mainly this mail form is awesome. thank you very mutch for this amazing website and all this tutorials.
    looking forward for more tutorials
    thank you very mutch


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